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The story behind

Kleur en Draad

Astrid Memelink

Less is More

When we moved our family to Oman, the middle East, I started a sewing class for expat wives. My slogan was; less is more. I wanted them to understand that you don’t have to be a very experienced sewer to make nice clothing. I showed them how to make simple patterns exclusive by adding knee pads, shoulder pads and little flowers popping out on elastic bands. It was very successful and I loved it. People got inspired and that was exactly what I wanted; to expand my passion to a larger scale!

When I am at school, I teach grade 5, I don’t have to do much to share my passion with the kids.

Every week they see me appear in another new sweater, shawl. Last year I got them all to knit little squares, even the boys loved it. The purpose was to yarn-bomb a Smart car for an exhibition in our school. The knitted their hearts out and the end result was fantastic. Even here the theme, less is more worked very well. You don’t have to be an excellent knitter to make something special.
Fading cushion and shawl
Blanket in fair isle
When my cousins were born I was not to be stopped. Little sweaters, animals, hats, you name it and I made it.

When my children were born I continued this nice habit and started to combine knitting with sewing. I was successful, people asked me where I bought these nice clothing. I loved dressing up my kids!

In the mean time I was teaching at a primary school, that was in the nineties. I remember teaching my colleague how to knit , sitting between the door that divided our class, can you imagine!
Clothing Santa
Embrodery chair

Let the yarn make the difference!

After 36 years of teaching I decided to transform my hobby into a business.
The past two years I have been following classes, read books and experimented with my dyeing skills. I knit with my own yarn and the interest from people around me is growing.
I am ready!

Let the yarn make the difference!!

Kleur en Draad means colour and yarn. How?

Kleur en Draad must be known as; Less is more; with the most beautiful yarn to fade colors, mix it with butter soft mohair or combine it with tonal colors, you make exclusive knitwear with the most simple patterns.

On this website I will add links to patterns like this, with models and kits to get you started. I will also have colors ready for you to combine your own kit.

Thank you for letting me share my creativity with you all, it is going to be a lovely adventure!


Our motto

Less is More. With beautiful, special wool, you turn the simplest sweaters, scarves into a true spectacle.
Astrid Memelink


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