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Adventcalendar 2021

Price: €155,00
Price / kg:


24 miniskeins 20 gr/80 meter
1 Merino 4 ply 100 gr/400 meter
1 progress keeper, ism little biddy delights, USA
Little surprises througout the calendar, as well as links to pattern ideas, to be purchaced by yourself.

Xmas 2021. Will this Xmas be a different one?More lively? More loved ones around? 
Last year we were very restricted, ok, but THIS year will hopefully be a good one, different.
Well, the 1 st of december 2021 it s for sure Rock 'n roll at Kleur en Draad!

The theme of this years calendar is

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Every day from the 1st of december you get to unpack a little present with  a miniskein, dyed up in the well known Kleur en Draad color schemes! Bright is the starplayer this year!
And if not enough: A progress keeper, custom made for Kleur en Draad by Mandy of Little Bitty Delights, California. Beautiful item, comes with a receipe from Astrid, to make your Xmas even more Rockin'!

 No VAT for overseas customers 

Isn t it early? Buying yourself a Xmas present in March? I know! the good thing is... by the time you forgot about it it lands on your doorstep! If thát isnt Rock 'n Roll!

I start shipping international orders at the beginning of November 2021.
The Adventcalendar is priced EXCL shipping costs., and has to be purchaced on its own. 

Well, I do hope we Rock at Christmas!
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Have a Rockin' Pre-joy!!


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